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At the University Rafael Belloso Chacin, there are many comfortable spaces where students can realize their academic activities such as library, virtual, and virtual labs.
URBE has six blocks in which subjects are taught all the races that it offers.
In this university there are soccer fields, basketball and baseball stadium or sporting activities.
There are several green areas and benches where students can expect their time changes or sit and relax, as well as the city of Rome has three cafes and a myriad of fast food stalls that their students select the best option for lunch.
In college there are no dorms, so students do not sleep in the same



Study Opportunities

To study in the Eternal City only require some personal documents such as: bachelor's, identity card, certified high school grades, test evidence presented at the University of Zulia and cancel a registration form.
It also fill out a form with personal details and sign URBE agree to the rules.
people who want to continue studying have every opportunity, as Rafael Belloso Chacin University has three hours to suit the student's need

To enter other universities in the world is more important to the average 
with which the student completes high school, being more selective in 
choosing their students. 
The monthly differences are very high, and young students often do not 
have enough financial support to finish his career

martes, 2 de noviembre de 2010

Different Tendencies

In the world there are different tendencies that make each unique individuals, either by their dress, walking, listening to music, television programs, among other factors that influence the exchange of these characteristics that identify us and differ from others.

This issue is closely related to the custom and culture in which we live. Most particularly I feel identified with the customs Zulia, Maracaibo my people, from the lowering of the pie virgin until I know I like tradition and the warmth that identifies us as true Maracaibo proud of our roots.

The Maracaibo we identify as being humorous, cheerful, and very revelers eaters.

My neighborhood

My neighborhood is a beautiful place, there I can find the most suitable place for walking and able to walk the green areas have. I live in The Miracle, in a house belonging to my mother.The nearest street is Avenida 2, is very famous, and even when it is circulated is never congested. The houses and buildings that are near are in good condition and the streets are always clean. In the evening I walk through the streets to burn some calories. The Miracle is a very convenient place to live, because we have about hospitals, shopping malls, bakeries, petrol stations and many other places that allow you to have everything within reach

People in my neighborhood

My neighbors are very nice, cheerful and accommodating, we share special dates and we help each one of the things we need. we are surrounded by older people and therefore we owe them more respect. we do not have any complaints from our neighbors, otherwise everyone respects the other's space and seeks the least possible inconvenience. No doubt my neighbors are the best!

Among the people in my neighborhood are Margelis, Milagros, Carolina, Yohelis, Henderson, among others, which more than a few neighbors are part of the family. From little I know and have given me much affection.

Because we conserve water?

Water is essential for life. Most of the bodies of living organisms is composed of water. On Earth, is very abundant, covering almost 3 / 4 of the surface. However, only 3% is fresh and of that percentage, a small proportion may be drinkable. Therefore it is very important that all the care and avoid wasting it.

Nearly 33% of the world's population lacks clean water and safe. 75% of diseases in underdeveloped countries are the result of the lack of potable water and poor health system.

As the population grows, undermines the ability of water supply. There are at least ten places in the world where a war could erupt over water, according to the U.S. government the beginning of the century, more than 5,000 million people suffer from malnutrition, hunger and disease from lack of water .

Environmentalists warn that water is wasted in excess (a tap yields 9.5 liters per minute) and in parallel reduces pollutants natural resources.

The assault on the Bank

One day Alejandro Beltran decided to rob a bank because he needed to have a lot of money to buy a new car. After studying several options to raise money decides to devise a plan to rob their goal who was the merchant bank. Alexander had tried many times to carry out their plan but always scary, until I finally decided to do it. Alejandro day of the assault threatened to all who were there and was able to attach by much, but he ran out of the bank got a surprise

The police were waiting outside the bank, as a person who was passing by the bank noticed the assault and decided to tell authorities that Alexander caught and pay for his crime.

To be brought to testify, Alexander confessed to police that he had been to blame for what happened, and that only he had done to raise money to buy a new car. Although he did not want to harm anyone Alejandro achieving a number of people shaking with fright. after a long trial Alexander was convicted and sentenced to 3 years in prison serving the community social work.


Second cut. Description of my family

In my family somo 6 people, my mom Carmen Barrios who is a housewife and has 50 years. my mom is very kind and affectionate, has 25 years married to my father Ramon Molina, who is 48 years old and is a merchant. Dad still lives with us and maintains a beautiful marriage with Mommy. My older sister called Racarly, she is 24 years old, single and Crafts studied for 3 years. My sister is very charismatic, kind and loves to dance. My older brother men called Ramón Molina just like my father, is 17 years old and studying in the fifth year in Indio Mara Guadalupe school. My brother has a girlfriend named Adriana who is a close neighbor. The smallest of the house Jesus is my brother Ramon, who is the most tremendous and love our home. Jesus studied ninth year and has 14 years of age. Jesus said to have many girlfriends but still do not know.
Last but not least I am Brigitte Molina. I have a 19 years old, studying Social Communication in the city and I'm close to graduating. Barely a month ago I married Wikerlin Negretti who was my boyfriend for two years. This is my beautiful family, virtues, flaws and virtues but in the end is my family.

(my dad, my mom. My husband and I )

                    ( My Sister Racarly)

(My brother Ramon and his girlfriend Adriana)

(My Brother Jesús Ramón)

(me on my wedding day)

(My husband and I on our wedding day)

viernes, 8 de octubre de 2010

Primer Corte

En nuestro primer corte realizamos actividades en el Blogs, las cuales nos ayudaron a practicar para el examen del primer corte.
La primera publicación fue una redacción personal de nuestros gustos y aspectos de nuestras vidas, la segunda entrada fue sobre algún compañero de clases, la tercera publicación fue sobre las elecciones parlamentarias, la cuarta entrada fue sobre las personas en nuestras vidas que también fue practicada en clases, la quinta publicación fue sobre nuestra vida en bachillerato, donde relatamos nuestros mejores recuerdos, y la ultima pero no menos importante fue la comparación entre 2 restaurantes!